Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Has it Really Been That Long?

Looking back, it seems I have failed miserable in keeping a blog! Well, that's about to change!

Even though January has passed, my New Year's Resolution will be to keep up with keeping a blog!

Now, I know my fellow readers, you are thinking, yeah right. It's been a year!! Well, it's time to stop procastinating and do!

Currently, I am working on the Longoria Wedding Video. Shot at Chantilly Country in beautiful Montgomery, it was the perfect setting for a wonderful evening!

I also did a Bluebonnet photo shoot while the weather was still gorgeous! Did you miss your Bluebonnet photo shoot? No worries, there are still plenty of places around town to take amazing photos of you and your family!

Remember, we also do videography as well as photography!! Call us with your needs! 936-203-3188

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